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    Trophy Bag Kooler A Great System for Arizona

    I had the pleasure of representing Trophy Bag Kooler at the Cabela’s Fall Outdoor Days a few weeks ago. Rick Lopez, from Double Buck Taxidermy helped out the following weekend. The biggest enemies of meat care in the field are heat, moisture and bacteria. With the Game Fresh System, you conquer all three. A bag custom made with legholes (and drawstrings) and a flap for antlers. It is insulated and is an official Licensed Product of Mossy Oak, available in New BreakUp and Brush Camo.

    Trophy Bag Kooler and The Game Fresh System was developed for transporting harvested game or for aging meat. Many animals like deer, antelope, hogs, turkey and elk have been transported. Proper handling in the field is extremely important, the faster you clean it and cool it down the better the quality of meat. Just pack it in Ice and Go! There are several forms of coolants you can use double bagged ice, our KoolerGel product in 2-liter bottles with water or water frozen in milk jugs, etc.

    The outside material comes in the New BreakUp or Brush pattern developed by Mossy Oak, the material is a 600D with PU backing (polyurethane) and DWR (durable water resistant) on the outside so it won’t absorb water. This material is extremely durable and should last for years.

    The zipper on the bag has a 150lb per square inch rating, so it’s extremely durable when pulling on/or for picking up the bag and there’s also a handle on each end.

    The inner insulation is closed cell foam. The thermal radiant barrier energy shield liner contains an anti-microbial chemical so mold, mildew and bacteria won’t grow on the liner. The liner should give you years of use and it’s easy to clean, just wash it out with soap and water. The car wash works great just hang it on the floor mat holder spray with soap let it set for a couple of minutes and rinse it off. Use the strap to hang it in a tree, be sure to keep the bag open so it will air dry completely before storing. It fits underneath your fold down truck seat for easy storage.

    The Game Fresh System comes with all three products:

    *Trophy Bag Kooler it’s a multi-purpose bag and it’s used for transporting animals.

    *The Game Fresh Spray, an antimicrobial spray that helps disinfect and control growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms on wild game when transporting or aging meat.

    *The KoolerGel, when mixed with water and frozen in 2ltr bottles will last 30 to 40 percent longer than regular ice and you don’t get all the moisture. Multi-purpose use and it can be used in your food cooler, fish cooler or for cooling down animals or their meat.

    Steve Glass, the owner, tells me that these are working so good that hunters and meatcutters are actually using the bags to age meat, not just transport it. These things are going to be a Godsend for some Arizona hunters!

    TBK loop1 from Country Born Productions on Vimeo.

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