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    What is the Game Fresh System? - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    What is the Game Fresh System?

    Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Steven Glass who invented the Trophy Bag Kooler, and subsequently - the Game Fresh System. I spent quite a bit of time with Steve, and I can tell you right off that this isn’t some kind of hokey gimmick. Steve has put a lot of time and money into perfecting this system. It is based on science, not hype. He has consulted with industry professionals from meat-cutters to “Dr. Deer” (Dr. James Kroll). I took a liking to this guy, and am going to feature a lot more information from him, in the future.

    The system, essentially, consists of a Cooler Bag, Kooler Gel, and FreshFX antimicrobial spray. This bag has a camo exterior, and is made of durable, flexible material. The bag also features a thermal radiant barrier energy shield that is infused with anti-microbial properties. The bag has openings for legs and antlers. The Kooler Gel lasts 30-40% longer than ice, and is actually colder. The anti-microbial spray is FreshFx® ,an antimicrobial spray for meat and poultry. It kills food-borne pathogens on raw meat and poultry. FreshFx® is non-toxic and can be sprayed directly on meat or poultry and on counter tops without the need to rinse.

    Steve took a lot of pride in telling me that this product has undergone over 2 years of testing, all over the world. It is heartily endorsed by Dr. Deer, and countless others.

    There is a ton of interesting information on the Trophy Bag Kooler website. I highly recommend that you visit and learn more about TBK. Look for more information posted on the Desert Rat Blog in the future, relating to Steve’s endeavors!

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    4 Responses to “What is the Game Fresh System?”

    1. Moose Says:

      Interesting I guess in areas where you have to take a full animal to a tag station that would be the ticket. We don’t have to do that currently in NC so I can 1/4 it and put it on ice with in minutes of killing it.

    2. Desert Rat Says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Moose - always a pleasure when you poke your head in. This is just a blurb on Steve’s products - lots more to follow. I took notes for 30 minutes! The bag and the Kooler Gel work so well, some folks actually use it for aging their meat. Also, Steve claims you don’t need to cape out you deer - gut it, pack it in ice, and hit the road. he’s had guys travel half way across the country with antelope - no problems at all. You can also quarter game, as you mentioned, spray it, pack it and go. You’ll have a lot more travel time, with the benefits of antimicrobial products as well.

    3. Moose Says:

      I look forward to reading your future reports. I’ll admit that some of the early deer season I don’t hunt because of the heat and the amount of work (quick work) it takes to get the animal out of the field and on ice. I’ve not read much about the sprays but there seems to be a few hitting the market.

    4. A Lesson in Meat Care - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest! Says:

      [...] may recall my post about Steve Glass and his Game Fresh System. Well, if you have ever been to the Trophy Bag Kooler website, then you may have stumbled across [...]

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