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    How it all started

    Day 2 With the NRA

    OK - Reader’s Digest Version…

    Was another full day today. I didn’t do the banquet tonight with John Stoessel et al. Pretty darned tired right now so will post a ton tomorrow.

    Will probably stay home tomorrow to sort info, cards and contacts - and to post some decent posts here on the blog. We’ll see.

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    Posted on 16th May 2009
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    I’d like to welcome you to my blog, and thank you for stopping by. I am new at blogging, but not at writing, so hopefully the transition will be painless - for you AND me! The focus of my posts will be Arizona issues and happenings. I’ll also comment on national issues, or even international ones - if they can potentially affect this pastime that we love. Now and then I’ll post something that has little or even nothing to do with hunting or fishing - who knows?? I’m just gonna “go with the flow”, so to speak.

    A millwright (Industrial Mechanic) by trade, I’m currently employed as a Project Engineer by a very large company. We do electrical testing and maintenance. My passion, however - has always been the outdoors. The outdoors, and writing. The problem is, I’m good at writing, I suck at hunting. That doesn’t keep me from enjoying them however. I also try to eke out some spending change as a Booking Agent, matching up eager hunters and fishermen with trustworthy outfitters. In addition, I dabble at being a freelance writer, and am a member of the Western Outdoor Writers. Currently I focus on marketing-related writing, for several outdoor companies.

    My long term goal for this site is multifold - first and foremost to provide information to the outdoor community, especially information that pertains to Arizona. I’d like to provoke thought and rational discussion. I’d like there to be light-hearted and fun discussions too. A regional bulletin board as well, reminding folks of upcoming deadlines and events.

    I’d like to highlight companies and products that I believe are of the very highest of value and effectiveness for outdoorsmen. I’d like to endorse organizations such as the RMEF, Arizona Deer Association, etc., that provide a valuable service to us, and our wildlife. I’d like to profile interesting and important individuals, within the hunting community.

    Of course, in the farthest reaches of my mind, where I allow delusions of grandeur to flourish unfettered - I imagine someday this site being THE place to be on the net. Where companies and individuals will clamor for my endorsement, and that a mention on the Desert Rat blog is the pinnacle of a Company’s marketing prowess. A place where other websites strive to be mentioned. And maybe, just maybe, this is the vehicle by which I will finally be “discovered” as a writer - an event my wife has been predicting for years… :-)

    Again, welcome. Speak up, visit, peruse, and please contact me with ideas, complaints and kudos. I appreciate you stopping by, and sincerely hope that you will become a “regular”.

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    Posted on 19th June 2006
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