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    4×4 Recovery Device Firm launches brand new Corporate Image - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    4×4 Recovery Device Firm launches brand new Corporate Image

    4×4 Recovery Device Firm launches brand new Corporate Image

    Pillowtrack Ltd, the popular 4×4 Recovery device company has been re-branded with a fresh new
    look under their new name LiftTrax (www.LiftTrax.com
    LiftTrax is the ultimate gadget for anyone with a Truck, 4×4 or AWD vehicle. A drive-on device for
    when your vehicle gets stuck in sand, mud or other difficult terrain, this ingenious device rolls out of
    a small carrying bag and inflates to become mobile traction. Developed by 4×4 Enthusiasts Dan Hermann and Eyal Benjamin who are both engineers by trade, LiftTrax can take the weight of a 4 tonne (8800lb)! vehicle and roll up into a small carry bag.

    A fraction of the size and weight of metal or plastic boards used by off road vehicle owners to get
    unstuck, LiftTrax are a compact insurance policy against getting held back by Mother Nature. In addition, while other off road gadgets only work in specific scenarios such as mud, sand or rocks, LiftTrax are multi-purpose as, with their built in flexibility, they mould themselves to the shape or texture of the different terrain or obstacle.

    Another distinct advantage of LiftTrax is that they don’t just provide stuck vehicles with traction, they simultaneously lift the vehicle as well. Boasting twice the bursting pressure of the commonly known exhaust jack , LiftTrax raise the beached vehicle up and allow it to drive away. Inventor Dan Hermann says “It’s an all-in-one device that is compact enough to keep in your vehicle at all times but big and tough enough to get you out of some really sticky situations.” “People are finding LiftTrax useful everywhere. From off-roaders in the Australian outback to Hunters and Fisherman in the United States; it’s a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts”

    LiftTrax are usually sold in pairs and are available from reputable outdoor equipment stores or
    online at www.LiftTrax.com.

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