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    Public sees bighorns-a-plenty at two viewing workshops - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Public sees bighorns-a-plenty at two viewing workshops

    Public sees bighorns-a-plenty at two viewing workshops

    Another awesome event - kudos to AZGFD! ~DesertRat

    Standing majestically along a ridgeline, or bent down at the Colorado River’s edge, the Black Mountains desert bighorn sheep made for a memorable experience for nearly 100 members of the public.

    The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Region III office in Kingman hosted two bighorn sheep workshops on July 30-31 and Aug. 6-7 for the attendees, who were drawn at random from approximately 150 applications.

    Following a Friday night classroom presentation on bighorn sheep, participants were taken on a four-hour boat trip from Willow Beach to the Hoover Dam to view these majestic animals in their native habitat. More than 90 bighorns were seen over the two weekends, many of which were bending down for a drink at the river’s edge.

    Mocarski said as the population becomes urbanized, the disconnect people have with nature has increased, and it’s important to provide people with education and to get them outside to see these animals in their native habitat.

    “These workshops, and others conducted by Game and Fish, provide an opportunity for people to learn about wildlife and the issues the animals and the department face, and to get outside and see what the outdoors has to offer.”

    The classroom segment provided information on bighorn sheep biology, predation, disease, habitat, and efforts to prevent continued habitat fragmentation, as well as an overview of the activities of the Game and Fish Department.

    Along with the bighorn workshops, Game and Fish offers watchable wildlife opportunities involving bald eagles, elk, California condors, and hummingbirds in various regions. There are also numerous birding festivals around the state. These types of opportunities for the public are made possible by the Heritage Fund, which was passed by voters in 1990 to help further wildlife conservation efforts in the state through Arizona Lottery ticket sales

    “There’s no shortage of opportunities for people to see and learn about wildlife,” Mocarski said. “I’d really like to see more people join us on these workshops rather than sitting in front of a television. You’ll learn a lot more getting out than sitting down.”

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