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    Bears Used To Guard Pot - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Bears Used To Guard Pot

    Neat idea but don’t be nearby when they get the munchies! ~DesertRat

    You can read the full article here: ‘Tame’ bears guard Canadian marijuana farm

    However initial alarm wore off when officers realised the 10 or so bears did not behave aggressively and were in fact docile and tame.

    Police believe dog food was used to attract the animals onto the farm in British Columbia.

    But they say the bears may have to be put down if they have become accustomed to living around humans.

    Two people were arrested in the raid.

    The five police who went to the farm near Christina Lake, close to the US border, to dismantle the marijuana plantation were amazed when the bears loped into view.

    And a video:

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