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    The Poacher Chronicles Unveils New Line of Apparel - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    The Poacher Chronicles Unveils New Line of Apparel

    The Poacher Chronicles Unveils New Line of Apparel

    Political correctness, while it may be prominent in DC, will not be found on the Poacher Chronicles Outdoor Radio Show, which airs the 4th Sunday every month streamed LIVE around the globe on www.xplortheoutdoors.com. “Poachers are what they are, thieves plain and simple and we’re going to expose them whenever and where ever we can in over 43 states and Canada”, explains Jim Solomon, the creator and host of the show.

    This is why Solomon has come out with new apparel designed by Rodney Holmes of Wolf Creative Services that tells it like it is. Two new product designs will hit the market in the next 30 days and already there is a buzz behind the growing anti-poaching movement and the message that the shirts convey.

    Members of The Anti-Poaching Posse, an elite group of individuals in the industry, will be listed on the back of each shirt not only to show their support, but also to relay a message to the rest of the industry. “There is no middle of the road when it comes to poaching, Solomon explains, either you are for it and a poacher, or you are against it and should let your voice be heard”.

    Posse members can be found on www.poacherchronicles.com. We welcome anyone who is willing and brave enough to join the posse and take on poaching where it hurts by exposing poachers on the only anti-poaching radio show in the United States, “The Poacher Chronicles”.

    The Poacher Chronicles was created by Jim Solomon over 12 years ago beginning as the” Bad Boys Poaching Report” with in the state of Arizona. It has evolved into “The Poacher Chronicles” just 4 short years ago. During the course of one hour, convicted poachers are listed by name, their fines, revocations, forfeitures and the evidence that led up to their arrest, in over 43 states and 8 Canadian Provinces will be exposed.

    Only members of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact or the International Association of Natural Resources Crime stoppers IANRC are asked to participate.
    By purchasing the apparel you are not only supporting the Anti-Poaching movement but a portion of the sales goes to the International Association of Natural resources Crime stoppers, to buy body armor for game wardens.

    As Solomon says, “You don’t want your 15 minutes of fame on this program.” A quote that stuck with the show from Rob Young with the Arizona Game and Fish Department (Retired)

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