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    NRA Convention Underway! - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    NRA Convention Underway!

    I boogied out of work today and instead of jumping in my truck, I walked down to BOB (ok,ok - Chase Field) so that I could attend a meet and greet organized by Bitter and crew from the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash. I met some great folks, including:

    * JR Absher - Newshound from Outdoor Life

    *Dick Heller - Who one a monumental battle with the Supreme Court

    * Darren Lasorte - Manager of Hunting Policy for the NRA-ILA.

    I swapped lots of cards, I met lots of cool people, and am very excited to head over to the Convention this weekend. Look for more updates as the future goes on!

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