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    NRA Convention Draws Near


    I gotta tell you - it appears that the NRA sure knows how to put on a convention, and I’m getting pretty excited! I would say that I am a “regular” NRA member in the sense that I am not extremely outspoken, nor particularly well-educated when it comes to 2nd Amendment Issues. That being said, this will probably be the largest event that I have attended as a credentialed member of the press. I have a couple of interviews lined up, some new “writer/blogger” business cards ready, and my vacation day has been approved!

    I think I also have to eat a little crow. When I first learned the convention was coming to Phoenix, I tried to contact the NRA and inquire about my participation as a local outdoor blogger. Now granted, a lot of the folks I deal with don’t recognize blogging, and aren’t quite sure how to take me. Long story short, I made a post stating, quite unhappily, that my inquiries had gone unanswered (which they had). The next day, I had an e-mail from Lars Dalseide who works with NRA Media Relations. He was apologetic and assured me that I would be taken care of, which I have been.

    Concurrently, I will be attending the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash. This is akin to a blogger gathering, and they have a whole special program within the convention, specifically for bloggers! I’m psyched!

    So, a big shout out to Lars’ group, as well as all of the organizers of the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash. I can’t wait!

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