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    Interview With Doug at Cameraland - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Interview With Doug at Cameraland

    Doug Paymer of Camera Land has become a great friend of the Desert Rat Blog. Doug is well-known through his participation on a bunch of hunting message boards across the internet, including our own AHT Forums. If you are interested in purchasing cameras or optics, please contact Doug. I guarantee his knowledge will impress you. They are also a dealer for Vortex. Thanks Doug, for taking the time to answer some questions! ~DesertRat

    1) You are one of the few companies that really seems to utilize the power of the internet, especially when it comes to participation on message boards, forums, etc. How did that strategy come about for Camera Land? We are a family owned and operated business, here since 1957, and Dad has taught us that we must make the difference in how we present ourselves and providing the best customer service we can. Everyone carries the same goods so we must be the difference that separates us from everyone else (BTW, Dad still comes in twice a week and will be 80 in August). The forums/message boards a community made up of the people that use the goods that we handle. It makes good sense to get involved and provide what assistance we can.

    2) How much of your sales volume is internet versus local? I would say about 1/3rd

    3) You’ve become very well known around the ‘net, especially on the hunting sites. Are you a hunter yourself? I am a fisherman. Every July I spend a week fishing in Alaska, I try to go down to Central America in the Spring and being on the South Shore of L.I. in NY, from Spring thru Fall, whenever I can find the time, we Deep Sea out to Hudson Canyon (about 80 miles off shore) for Big Game Sport Fish. My wife has informed me that if I add anything else to my “away from the family time” I will have all the time I can use as I will have no family :>) I do manage to go to the range with buddies when time permits

    4) What are some of the most common questions from hunters when it comes to optics? How about cameras? I do not know if you’d have enough space to post this “interview” to completely answer this question. There is no such thing as a “common question” when it comes to the needs/wants of people. We get lots of “How would you compare this to that” questions and “What power is suggested for…”, “What camera is best for…..”, Eye Relief questions, ED vs Standard glass, Best way to Digiscope, etc.

    5) You’ve been in the business a long time - what are some of the advances or trends that have surprised you, in the past few years? On the camera side it was the coming of age of Digital and the basic extinction of film. Wow, is all I can say. Cameras that for under $200.00 can go under water, be dropped from 5′ and take super high quality images. On the Sports Optics side it is the improvements in sub $1000.00 and sub $500.00 options from the Asian mfg’s. The $1500.00 Alpha Euro glass of 10 years ago can now be had from Minox, Pentax, Vortex, Promaster, etc for less than $750.00. it’s amazing

    6) If you could offer one piece of advice to hunters considering new optics, what would it be? Bragging rights mean nothing. Have an open mind to what is now available. Seeing what is best for you is the best way to choose, not what hype says would be best.

    7) What are some common mistakes to avoid, when buying a new camera?
    Over buying. A 6MP camera will make a perfect 8×10. Most folks never make more than a 4×6 print. Everyone is different, however, I have found that for 80% of consumers a camera that is simple to operate, can produce great family, vacation, children and game shots is all that is needed. Key word……simple. Most people are picture takers, not photographers and have no interest in Photography per say. They just want a good shot.

    Thank you for your continued support.
    If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

    Please visit our website @ www.cameralandny.com

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