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    Check Out The Trophy Room

    I was recently contacted by the Trophy Room and asked to have a look at their site, and maybe mention it to my readers. Trophy Room is a free site that enables you to share videos with other outdoor enthusiasts.

    From their “About Us” section:

    Founded in December 2007, Trophy Room is an online video destination and information source for hunters and fishermen. Trophy Room’s mission is to entertain, inform, educate, and connect you with the most serious outdoorsmen on the Web - all for free. We empower our users to share their experiences in the field and on the water through their own eyes while connecting with other outdoorsmen along the way.

    Coming soon, Trophy Room’s users will have the ability to log and share all of their days afield with a new media resource for hunters and fishermen - The Trophy Report.

    Tight lines and straight shots - Welcome to Trophy Room.

    Here’s a sample video with some Arizona content:

    They have some cool stuff posted over there. Check it out!

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