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    Arizona Deer Association

    Arizona Deer Association

    If you are a hunter or fisherman in Arizona, there are a ton of worthy organizations to not only allow you to network amongst fellow outdoorsman, but also help improve your skill level! Most importantly, however, these organizations do an incredible amount of work that benefits all of us, especially in the areas of habitat and recreation. Their programs benefit not only game species, but also non-game species as well.

    The Arizona Deer Association is a great group supporting both Coues and Mule Deer. From their website, “The Arizona Deer Association is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to improving habitat and expanding Arizona’s mule deer and Coues’ deer herds. To fulfill our mission, we raise funds from members, the public, and private sources. These funds support projects, education, and programs that directly benefit Arizona’s deer herds and their habitat.” This group does trash clean-up and other habitat projects, clinics, and youth camps. You may know that the drought has had a severe impact on Arizona’s deer numbers – if you are interested in deer at all, this would be a very rewarding organization to belong to! Find them online at: www.azdeer.org

    They are always looking for members and volunteers!

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