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    What’s New With Trophy Bag Kooler?

    I talked with Steve Glass from Trophy Bag Kooler a couple of weeks ago. He’s pretty excited, and they have a ton of stuff going on! They have a revamped website which looks awesome! They have a new and improved antimicrobial spray. Steve tells me that their Kooler Bag works so well, that there are a lot of people now using their bags to actually age their meat it!


    Yes, everything is going very well for us. We are moving right along and with our game Fresh System being pick up by Cabela’s we think this fall hunting season is going to be great for our company. Just with the addition of Cabela’s our products are already starting to receive recognition from all over the world. We also added a large European Distributor and the first orders were just shipped to Germany.

    The new product is a smaller bag we will use as a price leader, this bag is 23″x47″ and it’s perfect to use as a meat bag for aging meat. I think this bag has a lot of uses and being smaller it’s easier to handle and we found most people will buy two of them.

    Julie made a new press release (see attached).

    We are also working on a fish bag.




    Introducing the New Additions to the Trophy Bag Kooler™ Line of
    Products for Transporting or Aging Meat

    The Trophy Bag KoolerTM was developed to provide hunters with an alternative solution to help preserve the quality of the game they harvest. Millions of people in the United States and abroad hunt wild game, such as deer, antelope, hogs, elk, and turkeys. Once the animal has been successfully harvested, the majority of hunters often desire to transport the animal out of the wild where it can be processed, both for its meat and as a trophy. Consequently, there is a need for a device to aid hunters in transporting the game that maintains the integrity of both the animal’s meat and potential trophy. The Trophy Bag Kooler™ was designed to meet this need as a short-term portable storage unit for transporting or aging the harvested animal and now comes in TWO NEW lower cost versions. A large bag in a NEW Buckskin color and a smaller version that is perfect as a meat or cape bag or for smaller game like small hogs, turkeys, quartered game, and small exotics. The small bag also comes in the NEW Buckskin color and measures 23” x 47”.

    Both of the new Trophy Bag Kooler™ bags are designed with the same quality of material and attention to detail as the original Trophy Bag Kooler’s. Each unit works equally as well with our KoolerGel™ product (recommended) to maintain sufficient temperatures of 36 to 40 degrees, when warm weather can possibly be a factor. Both units provide a suitable environment for the cape of the animal and help prevent slippage if the hunter chooses to mount the trophy. They also help to keep out bugs and flies.

    The Trophy Bag Kooler™ is reusable and has the durability to last for years. And best of all, it is made right here in the USA!

    If warm temperatures are a problem in your neck of the woods, then check out the Trophy Bag KoolerTM. It is a must own product for every hunter and the do-it-yourself home processor, and now with several sizes and patterns available, various sized game can easily be accommodated.

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