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    Mmmm.. wild sausage

    I have had a lot of folks recommend Denmark Sausage Co. for having your wild game processed. One of their biggest fans is my friend JLG who posts over at the AZSJ Forum.

    From the Denmark Sausage site:

    The Very Best in Wild Game Sausage in ARIZONA is made by Denmark Sausage Co. from your boneless Elk, Deer,
    Antelope, Javelina, Bear, Etc. We make a large selection of fresh, frozen, or smoked sausages.

    Here at Denmark Sausage Co. we take pride in making the finest top quality wild game sausage out of your wild game meat. We use only the finest spices and the freshest pork (or beef) in creating a variety of wild game sausage items sure to please the whole family. With more than 32 years experience in making sausage out of your wild game you can be sure that the meat you bring us will be made into your favorite sausage items.

    Mmmm.. have a look:

    Summer Sausage (Hot or mild) 3lb. Sticks $2.29 lb
    Summer Sausage 1 lb. Stick
    $2.49 lb
    Jalepeño/Cheese Summer 3 lb
    $2.99 lb
    Slim Jim Sticks (Mild)
    $3.69 lb
    Pepper Sticks (Hot)
    $3.69 lb
    Jalepeño/Cheese Links
    $2.99 lb
    $2.19 lb
    $2.19 lb
    Ring bologna
    $2.19 lb
    Wieners (Skin On)
    $2.69 lb
    Bratwurst (Hot or mild)
    $1.69 lb
    Beer Brats
    $1.69 lb
    Italian Sausage (Hot or Mild)
    $1.69 lb
    $1.69 lb
    Bulk Breakfast (Hot or Mild)
    $1.69 lb
    Link Breakfast (Hot or Mild)
    $1.89 lb
    Jerky-Ground & Formed (Hor or Mild)
    $5.95 lb
    Burger with Beef or Pork
    $ .99 lb
    Gound Meat, nothing added
    $ .69 lb

    I have already decided that this is where I am heading, the next time I fill a tag!

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