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    Cooking Your Game Meat - Kick It Up A Notch! - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!
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    Cooking Your Game Meat - Kick It Up A Notch!

    BAM! (With my regards to Emeril Lagasse)

    My new friend Denny Corriveau is a fellow POMA member, and a New Englandah to boot. A New Englander with Arizona connections, mind you - having lived here for awhile… Anyway, I just received this from Denny:

    WildCheff Background

    For years I have cooked with combination of herbs that have helped me to create wild game dishes that have been featured at deer camps, game dinners and private catering events that feature wild game.

    I teamed with a colleague and food industry award winning expert to create gourmet, hand-crafted spice and sausage blends that are compelling – one smell, one taste and sportsmen are generally hooked! They have a common sense approach, and these blends are sure to elevate sportsmen and game enthusiasts cooking abilities to a whole new exciting level they never previously realized were possible.

    I’m not sure if you are like me, but I have observed many sportsmen over the years spend 99% of their time focused on how to create a successful hunt, but have virtually ignored any concentration on how to properly prepare their harvest so it can be enjoyed to its fullest potential. It is my goal to create a more defined passion within sportsmen for cooking their game; on a personal, organizational, and national basis through education, inspiration and my product line.

    WildCheff products not only provide direction, but help outdoorsmen to develop a comfort level with advancing their wild game cooking skills; by combining herb blends that are realistic, coupled by cooking styles that most people are familiar with and can relate to. The days of canned soup and pouring salad dressing over your game are now a thing of the past due to my products, and I hope to inspire and help hunters and game enthusiasts to develop a new mindset concerning their desire to cook and share their game in a way that become natural to them.

    As a courtesy, I have put together a straight-forward online presentation (5-6 minutes in length/great excuse for a coffee break) that will provide you with an overview on my products, as well as a “live” link to my website.

    Enjoy my presentation and much success to you in your outdoor endeavors.

    You have been invited to view a presentation titled “Cooking Your Wild Game More Effectively“.

    Please use the link below to view the presentation: Simply sign the guest book and you can view.


    Bon appetite and happy hunting,

    Denny Corriveau

    WildCheff Enterprises, LLC
    Amesbury, MA/Sebago Lake, ME
    “We’re Game if You Are!”
    Member: NRA, POMA, New England Outdoor Writers Association, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

    I watched the video, and if you are into cooking wild game, I strongly suggest you watch it too. You have to enter your name and e-mail address; the video is interesting, and made me hungry LOL ! Now I know lots of my readers are great cooks (AzSlim!)

    I also perused his website. What a great resource! Recipes, wild game nutritional information, hints and more. The spices and rubs are appropriately priced, and Denny has a great-looking cookbook too. Whether you are a seasoned (no pun intended) chef, or a nervous kitchen rookie - you need to check out Denny and his products!

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