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    Denny Corriveau just keeps going “wild”! - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Denny Corriveau just keeps going “wild”!

    I took a minute to touch base with my friend Denny Corriveau, the WildCheff the other day. Wow! Denny’s business is going wild!

    Here’s what Denny had to say, when I asked him what was new:

    Marshall….lots going on….

    I was approached by the Editor of Ruffed Grouse Society as she wants to feature me and a couple of my recipes using my spice blends in their Fall magazine edition was also approached to do a co-authored piece for the NH Fish & Game featured in their Fall magazine about game butchering and game preparation

    I also was just asked to do a couple of events in Maine:

    1) Wild Game Cooking clinic, cooking demos and a book signing this October for Kittery Trading Post’s Hunters Gear up Weekend…and

    2) Also asked to be a judge and do a wild game cooking demo at a wild game cook-off for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (both are listed on my website)

    I also am going to be part of the POMA Speaker’s Bureau which will be launched at the Annual meeting (people will be able to hire me for speaking engagements)
    Mossy Oak has asked me to write cooking columns for them quarterly in their Mossy Oak Hunting the Country and Farming Wildlife magazines
    Northwoods Sporting Journal will be featuring “Cooking Tips” from me in their monthly magazine
    I just did a radio interview with Jim Ferguson (Great American Outdoor Trails) which will be Podcast and I believe on his internet site
    I also have 4 new Spice Blends that I have added to my line-up (they are only offered in a sample size currently - I also offer a sample pack now so people can try a smaller quantity to find their favorites/people can find it in my Product Catalog section of my website) The 4 new Blends are:
    WildCheff Lemon/Pepper (awesome for fresh or salt water fish, making Picatta or any lemon pepperecipes)
    WildCheff Sesame/Ginger (great for wild game stir-fry or coating fresh tuna or salmon steaks, as well as honey - sesame chicken, etc)
    WildCheff Jalapeno Flakes (awesome air-dried jalapenos to season any Tex/Mex recipe)
    WildCheff Chipotle Flakes (incredible smoked jalapenos that add a tremendous smokey heat to Southwestern and Tex/Mex dishes)
    I will be doing some filming soon for a couple DVD’s that I will be producing….

    Never a dull moment and much momentum happening….cookbook will be published soon.

    Keep in touch.

    Bon appetite,

    Denny Corriveau
    President/Master Game Chef
    Mossy Oak National Pro-Staff Game Chef
    WildCheff Enterprises, LLC
    Amesbury, MA /Sebago Lake, ME
    “We’re Game if You Are!”

    Denny also let me in on something very big that is brewing with Mossy Oak - more to follow on that!

    Venison Fajitas w/ WildCheff

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