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    Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest

    Well, this is going to sting for a lot of fans of The Nuge. Ted Nugent has been a dynamic and outspoken supporter of hunting and 2nd Amendment rights practically forever. From the article it appears to be a relatively minor mistake, and he did cooperate with authorities. That being said - we preach it all the time - the onus is on the hunter to know the laws. ~Desert Rat

    You can read the full story over at Moose DroppingsTed Nugent Pleads No Contest To Multiple California Game Violations

    A snippet:

    Yuba City attorney Jack Kopp, representing Theodore Anthony Nugent, entered the plea to Department of Fish and Game charges of baiting deer and not having a deer tag “countersigned” at the closest possible location, said Deputy District Attorney John Vacek.

    Nugent, who did not appear in court, also illegally shot an immature buck on the show but was not charged, according to Fish and Game.

    Baiting deer is legal in some states but not in California, said department spokesman Patrick Foy. Baiting supplies are sold at some outdoor stores, he said. The deer was killed in El Dorado County toward the end of deer hunting season last fall but brought to Yuba County. Two co-defendants, Mitchell Neil Moore and Ross Albert Patterson, live in Yuba County, said Vacek.

    The story of the hunt in Ted’s words can be read here: God Loves Me Blacktail. I think this story was posted well before the violations came to light, so there is no mention of them.

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