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    HotHands Handwarmers

    David French from HandWarmers.net had contacted me and asked if I would mind reviewing his handwarmers, to which I agreed. I was a bit at a loss though; I received the handwarmers in late February, and all my cold-weather hunts were over for the year. I asked David what he thought and he said he would just appreciate the mention, at this point. I would have rather posted a review based on an actual use, during a hunt. So, I dug out his warmers and sat down to type the review. My daughter was hanging around and said “Oh - those are the things I used on my (javelina) hunt.” “Are you sure”‘ I asked. “The same kind?” She insisted they were so she ran to get her backpack. The wrappers were still inside, and sure enough - they were the same.

    In January, I had taken my daughter Mikaela on a javelina hunt, with the help of some friends. Now even though we were just north of Phoenix, Day One was probably the coldest day I had spent afield, in Arizona. We were snowed on, sleeted on and rained on. It was windy, wet, cold and miserable. David’s HotHands packets made the day tolerable for both of us! These are light, easy to use, and take up no room in a pack. There’s nothing to fail, and stuck in the end of a glove or mitten, they are awesome on a cold day. We live in Arizona and they came in handy - if I was still living in Maine, I think I’d be buying them by the case! You can read Mikaela’s version of the story here: Tale of the Sunset Sow.

    I asked Mikaela if the handwarmers had worked good on her hunt. “Oh yeah”, she exclaimed, “they were awesome!”.

    David also sells “Toasti Toes” (pictured above) to put in your boots, and a large heat patch for those sore spots anywhere on your body. Great products!

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    7 Responses to “HotHands Handwarmers”

    1. Arizona Fishing Guy Says:

      That is the funniest thing I ever heard. Testing hand warmers in Arizona?? Ha ha ha. Should have sent them to Alaska. I would have been happy to test and mention them on my blog: http://blog.anglerwise.com

    2. Desert Rat Says:

      Well, maybe when your blog gets popular enough, companies will start reaching out to you. In the meantime, you can keep spamming other bloggers with your inane comments, just so you can drop your link and get a few visitors your way.

    3. Arizona Fishing Guy Says:

      That’s funny! My comment was completely legitimate. I read the full article and decided to comment on it. The only reason you call it spamming is because I mentioned my blog. I’m a nice guy but it still makes me wonder what the heck is up your ass? You should have just deleted my comment if you feel so threatened by my link.

    4. Desert Rat Says:

      Not threatened at all. You posted a comment that was silly, and dropped your link. Tell me what you know about Arizona, and then convince me your comment was legitimate. I grew up an hour and a half from Caribou, Maine so am familiar with cold weather. Flagstaff, AZ had snowfall levels greater than much of the country this year. “Shoulda sent them to me!” is a comment I would expect from a teenager. Internet pokey chest? Seriously? I didn’t delete your comment becasue I wanted people to read what you wrote.

    5. Arizona Fishing Guy Says:

      OK, I get it, Arizona can get cool. All I meant to say with my comment is that “In my opinion” Arizona is not the ideal place to test hand warmers. In Alaska, EVERY winter we get temperatures of -60 or colder. In Arizona the coldest temperature EVER was -40 and that was over 8000 feet above sea level. For Alaskans -40 is just another winter day. We still go to work, school, etc. I just though HandWarmers.net could get a better review from one of the coldest places in North America. BTW, Sorry for the “up your ass” comment. That was out of line.

    6. Desert Rat Says:

      Cool. Truce :-)

      As mentioned, I grew up in the cold. The one time my wife has been home, it was -40 all weekend. Maybe not as cold as Alaska, but cold. I can honestly say that I get colder here than in Maine. They say your blood thins. I’m not sure. Anyway, the day of my daughter’s hunt, it got down to 35 degrees or so. That’s pretty cool when it was 65 the day before.

    7. Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest | phoenix.rssible.com Says:

      [...] HotHands Handwarmers [...]

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