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    Advantage Hunting’s New Duck Condo

    New from Advantage Hunting, the Duck Condo offers the same great features and design qualities as the company’s other rigid blinds but it’s designed with the discriminating duck hunter in mind. Quick and easy to set up, the Duck Condo is spacious and extremely comfortable making your wait for the winged ones an enjoyable one. This maintenance-free, lightweight, rigid blind is much more dependable and easy to use than do-it-yourself blinds that are difficult to relocate and hard to maintain. Not to mention, the Duck Condo protects you from the harshest of elements.

    The hinged roof is designed for quick response when birds are on the brink, and the side ladder access makes getting in and out of the blind a snap. Hunt on the ground or use the Quad Pod kit to hunt in the water. Best of all, the Quad Pod kit allows you to stow your boat under the blind for added concealment. Get the most out of your waterfowl hunt with the help of the Duck Condo.

    For more information, check out: www.advantagehunting.com.

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