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    Legislature Sweeps AZGFD Funds - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Legislature Sweeps AZGFD Funds

    This was just brought to my attention over at the Sportsmen For Wildlife website.

    Legislative Alert

      Ask the Legislature and Governor Not to Sweep Wildlife Dollars

    Issue: The Legislature and Governor’s Office swept $7,560,695 dollars from Arizona Game & Fish to balance the 2008 budget deficit. Another $5.6 million was taken from State Lake Improvement and Off Highway Vehicle funds from State Parks. Negotiations between the Legislature and the Governor’s Office are occurring as we speak to address the projected $2.2 Billion budget shortfall for 2009. AGFD is again being considered for more funding sweeps.

    While $13 million was swept from the AGFD and State Parks 2008 Budgets, some agencies were not swept or only minimally affected and others appeared to have actually received net increases. The difference between the Arizona Game & Fish Department (AGFD ) and other state agencies is the manner in which it is funded. As noted in the most recent edition of The Sportsmen’s Connection, the AGFD does not receive one penny of general fund revenues.

    “It is time for the sportsmen and women of this state to stand up and say no more AGFD fund sweeps”.

    Call and email your legislator today. Do not wait. Make contact today.
    Time is of the Essence. Remember to be Respectful and Courteous.

    Your Key Talking Points Should Be:

    * I am a member of your Legislative District, one of approximately half a million active Sportsmen in Arizona
    *Please do not sweep AZ. Game & Fish Department Funds – they are not general fund monies
    *General Fund Agencies should be held accountable and not rewarded by stealing wildlife dollars
    * Sportsmen and women have asked the Legislature to impose fee increases numerous times in order to provide the AGFD with the money necessary to conserve Arizona’s wildlife and its habitat. Wildlife dollars should be used for the purpose for which they are earmarked.

    Contact the Governor at 602-542-4331 or email the Govenor at azgov@az.gov

    How To Find Your Legislators

    * If you know your legislators …go to the Arizona State Legistative roster
    * If you do not know your legislators:
    o To find the Legislative District in which you live, enter your address
    and 5 digit ZIP CODE in the top right corner on the linked page … find your District
    o Return to the Arizona State Legistator member list … find your Legistative members

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