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    State Legislature Poised to Raid Game & Fish Funds - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    State Legislature Poised to Raid Game & Fish Funds

    State Legislature Poised to Raid Game & Fish Funds

    The Senate Appropriations Committee will be meeting today, Feb. 5th,to discuss transferring 25% of the AZ Game & Fish Conservation Development Fund to the General Fund. The Conservation Development Fund generates its revenue through a surcharge on each hunting and fishing license sold.

    Implementing this recommendation could affect Arizona’s eligibility to participate in the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Acts (Federal Aid) grants programs. In order to participate in the Federal Aid programs, states were required to enact assent legislation which prohibited the diversion of license fees paid by hunters and sport fishermen (50 CFR 80.3) (ARS 17-402).

    For more information,


    Please contact those listed below immediately.

    Senate Appropriations Committee Members

    Paula Aboud, paboud@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-5262

    Amanda Aguirre, aaquirre@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-4139

    Carolyn S. Allen, callen@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-4480

    Robert “Bob” Burns, rburns@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-5993

    Jake Flake, jflake@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-5219

    Jorge Luis Garcia, jgarcia@azleg.gov , phone: 602-926-4171

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    1. Moose Droppings » Culture Under Attack By HSUS Says:

      [...] The Desert Rat has a story about how the legislators in Arizona have a plan to raid the wildlife fund putting matching funds at risk. That too is not a new issue but one we have to stand up against. Taxes paid in the form of license fees, tag fees and excise tax on equipment are what funds the vast majority of wildlife agencies across this country. Why should non participants have any say in how that money is spent? [...]

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