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    Mad Cow Sweepstakes - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Mad Cow Sweepstakes

    If you are on Facebook, you won’t want to miss the cool contest that they are running over at Mad Cow Cutlery.

    The winner receives a Victorinox 8-pc knife set with block, a forged F. Dick 1905 series chef knife, or a Smith’s Diamond sharpening steel. That’s some awesome stuff, right there. Go here to sign up: SWEEPSTAKES.

    Whether you are new to backyard grilling or cooking in the kitchen, I suggest you contact Daniel Clay or one of his staff over at Mad Cow. Let them know what you are doing, your budget, etc., and they can put together a “starter kit” based on your criteria, and their vast experience. Seriously, from knives to sharpeners, thermometers, utensils, you name it - Mad Cow can set you up. They can tell you what a hunter should have in the field, and what they should have in the pantry. You won’t be disappointed with their quality, or their service.

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