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    And another big game draw is here - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    And another big game draw is here

    At around 6:45 AM this morning, a Sunday - I started dialing the phone again. Busy, busy, busy. I’ve been dialing on and off, since Friday after lunch. If you look at the Game and Fish website, they have buried in there somewhere, the statement that tags are mailed out by April 24th. That’s as much communication as we get.

    Every year there are a ton of rumors and innuendos leading up to the actual draw. It makes us all crazy, but we all get drawn into the web of self-made hype. Every year, it seems, there are issues with the Department’s delivery method. This of course, only fuels the debate on whether the draw is conducted fairly.

    This is one instance where I would like to see Game and Fish take the lead. Communicate better, once all systems are go. Have all their ducks in a row. They have done a good job in the last year or two in clarifying the draw process; maybe now we can work on the announcing of results. Is the phone system really that clogged, nearly 48 hours later? Shouldn’t the online results be available?

    Hunters spend a lot of money on draw applications, even in an economy like this. Money that ultimately, helps fund goings-on at the Department. Acknowledge that that this is a symbiotic relationship. Folks at the Department may be busting their collective butts making this an efficient and transparent process. We’re not getting it though.

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    2 Responses to “And another big game draw is here”

    1. kninebirddog Says:

      It took me at just over an hour friday night of send end send end send end when it did go through i had hit send then end some much I almost hit end..wish I would have
      I am finding hat when someone get s bull tag in the same unit for 5 years in a row and you have just hit 9 years of not drawing and a Bogus loyalty point…The point system is an obvious failure at best..yes after the 5th year of not getting drawn I no longer put in for cow …I did for the first 5 years though.
      I wish they would go to a system where if your drawn for a species then for maybe 3 years you can’t get drawn for that species maybe even allow for bonus points on top for the added supposed advantage but that would open up for more people to have a chance at getting drawn. But I guess that would make to much sense

      So..I figure by the time i get drawn to hunt in AZ my grandkids will have kids of their own or maybe they will even be grandparents

    2. Forest Says:

      I have been appplying for Elk and Mule deer for TEN YEARS. I have mule deer 10(kicked out one year)and 12 elk points. So you are not by your self. I wonder what you have to do to get drawn. There is no way that the five year person is that lucky. I will may not apply next year. I am tired of giving arizona money for license which I have done every year. It seems to me that I should have more points than I have.

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