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Contributing Writers

Below is a list of all of our contributing writers. Follow the link with each writers name and you can see a directory listing all their article titles.

Tom Remington

Tom, spends most of the year at his residence in Clearwater, Florida but enjoys his time at his camp in Bethel, Maine in the summers and during deer hunting season. He is co-author of the book The Legend of Grey Ghost and Other Tales From the Maine Woods.<<More about Tom and get all his stories>>

Keith “Catfish” Sutton

Arkansas native Keith “Catfish” Sutton is a full-time writer, editor, photographer, TV personality and lecturer. His articles and
photographs appear regularly in a variety of outdoor periodicals. He is the author of seven books, and his popular adventure column, “Out There With Keith ‘Catfish’ Sutton,” is posted bi-weekly on ESPN Outdoors - -. Sutton and his wife Theresa live in Alexander and have six sons. You can read Keith columns at ESPN Outdoors. E-mail Keith at
<<Learn more about Keith and see all his articles>>

Denny Vasquez

Denny is a member of the Texas Writers Association and resides in Houston, Texas. An accomplished writer, he has many of his stories published throughout all of North America. <<More on Denny and all his articles>>

A. Sayward Lamb

During the summer months, Sayward will be found at his cottage on the lake in Woodstock, Maine where he enjoys carving, fishing, hunting, canoeing and writing. Sayward is one of the finest wood carvers around and builds strip canoes and custom paddles. His love for the outdoors is shared with all of us in his writings. In the winter, he spends his time in Plant City, Florida sneaking up on alligators.<<Learn more about Sayward and get a list of his stories.>>

Rod Davis

Rod Davis is an avid hunter and fisherman from West Virginia. He was taught to be a woodsman in the mountains from a young age by a doting father. Any writing talent he may have springs from an unending capacity for telling tales (some true).
Rod is a self-employed contractor in the HVAC field and operates a distribution company specializing in whirlpool and ergonomic equipment for Nursing Homes.
Rod spends a lot of time, when not working, fishing for rainbow trout in mountain streams, chasing bears in Maine and West Virginia, and fishing the surf on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Favorite hunting experience: DOVES!
An avid RV enthusiast, Rod and his wife Julie ( The Warden) spend as much time as they can in their new 29’ Travel Trailer.
His two sons are often seen hanging nearby when deer season approaches as Dad always seems to have one pegged for them somewhere.<<Find out more about Rod>> and get a list of all his articles.

Robert Lane

Bob Lane lives in Augusta, Maine, and is a Master Maine Guide. He is a 26 year employee of the Maine Department of Labor, an accomplished blues guitar player, and semi-professional photographer. Growing up among seasoned outdoorsmen in Millinocket, Maine, Bob learned to fish, hunt, and trap in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin.

As a guide, he carry’s on the traditions of hunting and fishing from the 1940’s and 50’s, that he learned from the “Old Timers”. He tries to provide his clients with the experience of the way it was done in the days previous to the advent of the never ending array of high tech gadgets, and equipment designed to “enhance” the outdoor experience. <more about Bob> and get a list of all his stories.

Chris Cobbett

I reside in the Oxford hills region of western Maine. I live in the town of Norway with my wife Miranda, daughter Morgan and our five-year-old son Dylan. By day, I make my living as a high school social studies teacher at Oxford Hills Comprehensive high school. I teach American Studies, Contemporary studies, and Advanced Placement world history. In my spare time, I guide hunters and fisherman in the woods and waters of Maine with my partner Nate Fenderson.

For my own leisure, I enjoy traveling across the country hunting in new areas. About the third week of November, I can usually be found in some tree bowhunting the Mid-west. A day or two after Christmas, I am probably packing my bags and getting ready for the southern rut.

On the off season, I enjoy participating in calling seminars and introducing potential hunters to our sport.<<Learn more about Chris>> and get a list of all his articles.