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    About - Coyote John - Predator Hunting


    I was born at a very young age, to parents who were actually married to each other. I know it’s a rare phenomena these days but it use to happen quite regular in the early 40’s. Grew up in western PA in a very rural community and belonged to the FFA and 4H which is what got me into predator hunting. As a FFA project I was raising a flock of Leghorn Hens which started disappearing at a regular basis. Set up in the hen house one night with my Model 12 Winchester 16 gauge and ended up killing my first grey fox, haven’t stopped since. Married my high school sweetheart, still married to her today, another one of them rare phenomenal things, have 4 children who are all married, the oldest being in her early 40’s and the youngest in her early 30’s, can’t tell you how old they exactly are, being girls they would take exception to their dad giving out that info. Strange as it may seem they too are all still married, must of been the poor up-bringing and bad example my wife and I have set for them. We have a total of six grandkids 4 boy and 2 girls and if’n I knew grandkids were so much fun I’d never would have had kids, I’d just have grandkids. Joined the Army right out of high school and enjoyed everyday of it, for 24+ years. Couldn’t believe they gave me a rifle and tent and rations and had to live in the boonies for weeks at a time, who wouldn’t enjoy that lifestyle. Somewere along they way they wanted to know if’n I like to jump out of airplanes, having never even been in an airplane before I was wondering why anybody would want to jump out of one, so I did, for almost the next 20 years. Then they sent me to a far away land and people actually wanted to kill us when all we wanted to do was help them, still can’t figure that one out. At any rate got a visit one day out in the jungle from a guy named Abrahams, had 4 damn stars on each shoulder and 4 on his hat, never seen a 12 star general before, said he heard some stories about me and wanted to make me an officer. I knew them there officer made more money, had newer cars and better housing so I said sure. Who ever said the Army had no sense of humor sure didn’t know what they were talking about. Finally retired in 1984, opened a gun and ammo store and did some guiding on the side. That got to be work so we sold that and I took up beer drinking. Them came September 11, 2001 started calling everyone I knew to see if’n I could get back into uniform. As luck would have it I found myself in another land just a few short months later with a whole new bunch of people trying to kill me. Made it out of there 2 years later, came back home and got a job as a buyer for a electrical wholesale house, did that for a few years and then fully retired. Now I still drink beer and fine bourbon and have become of all thing a “blogger”. Still trying to figure out what I want to become when I grow up.