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    Range Time - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

    Range Time

    Just about that time of year again, predator callingis about to get into high gear!  Time to hit the range with the new rifle and some new loads and optics on an old friend.  I recently bought a new AR, ArmaLite M15A4 (www.armalite.com)  and am anxious to see how well it shoots with my hand loads.  I had it out once and was impressed with the factory ammo but I know I can do better with hand loads, or so I hope.  I also had a rather ”cheap” scope on it and have since upgraded.  My old friend is a Sako Vixen, a gift from my wife, way back in 1981.  Both rifles are chambered in .223 and both now have new Weaver Grand Slams (www.weaveroptics.com) on them.  The Sako has accounted for itself rather admirably in the past 26 years from roe deer and chamois in Europe and from ground squirrels to mule deer here in the USofA.  Don’t know if the new kid on the block will live up to the old timer but it will be my primary weapon of choice for this forthcoming predator season.  I have worked up five different loads for the AR and will sight in the Sako using the same load I have for the past 15 years:  Winchester Brass and Primers (www.winchesterguns.com) , Nosler 55 grain Ballistic Tips (www.nosler.com) and Accurate 2230 powder (www.accuratepowder).   

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    1. BP Says:

      Good luck with the new rifle John.

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    3. sa Says:

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    4. ca m15a4 rifle Says:

      [...] rifle again. One should never use the word never. I recently purchased a Armalite M15A4. I have …Range Time - Coyote John - Predator HuntingTime to hit the range with the new rifle and some new loads and optics on an old friend. … bought [...]

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