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    Coyotes - Can’t Find Them - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

    Coyotes - Can’t Find Them

    Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees.   Have ya ever been out calling and nothing seems to respond, then you get up to leave and right there in front of you a bobcat or a coyote takes off for parts unknown.   Well if so you know your doing something right, one of the ways to cure this little problem is to sit in an elevated position.  This way you should see anything that is coming in and gives you a better chance of getting into a shooting position.  I normally do not use shooting sticks and/or a bi-pod when calling as I like to be a bit more flexable than what “sticks” provide.  I also like to use as short of a barrel as possible.  I just recently purchased a ArmaLite www.ArmaLite.com  M15A4 in .223 with a 18″ barrel and may retire my little Sako Vixen.  Both of these rifles have provided me with the ability to swing on a fast moving target and in tight brush.  Another little tip is when you get to your calling location don’t slam the truck door, just kinda press it closed very gently.  I have also covered all the chrome on my truck with camo masking tape.    Try to park it up against a tree or large boulder or in the shade, or in a ravine if possible, but never on the skyline.  Only a couple of more months than coyote calling season will be in full swing for me, hope to have plenty of pictures and stories for you all to read and hopefully enjoy.

    I’ll be leaving this weekend for a four state road trip through some darn good coyote calling country - New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.  If I can get some access to a computer while I traveling I’ll give ya all an update, if not I’ll see ya about the end of July. 

    6 Responses to “Coyotes - Can’t Find Them”

    1. knownasTD Says:

      CJ - enjoy your upcoming “tour de southwest”. Take plenty of pics and please do share them with us upon your return.

      Travel safe… and Happy Trails!

    2. Jackrabbit John Says:

      Hi Dad, thought Id drop in and let you know I missed a nice male this morning.

      Chalk it up to coyote fever. Was out at about 5 am and was using a jackrabbit distress, when the crows came in I took your advice and ‘got ready’……. I also got ‘the fever’ when I saw him and completely blew the shot, to the right of him.

      I made my second mistake when I shook my head in disgust as I watched his dust trail disappear into thin air and stood up! (How many times have we told people to sit and wait for more?)So I start walking slowly to where I shot and I hear two coyotes howling warnings, I stop and just sit at the base of a little mequite and howl back……. I got a response! So I just waited and listened to those two bark a bit and then that was that.

      The sun was up and starting to get hot so I began the walk back home. A Jackrabbit popped up and I lined him up at maybe 70 yards and let’er rip. Right down. Walked over to him , and another started running from behind a bush and I swung with him, he stopped and as soon as I lined him up I pushed the trigger. Two Jackrabbits dead on, Im chalking that dog up to nerves and following not only your advice, but my very own!


    3. Jackrabbit John Says:

      Here are two photos, one of each Jack.
      That .223 WSSM model 70 is awesome! Light and easy to maneuver.

      Your crazy son,
      Jackrabbit John….. the only Jackrabbit that hunts the coyote!

    4. Jackrabbit John Says:


      I cant figure out how to load up photos in this page, so here is the link.

      I got this dog Saturday morning. Started out about 4 am and before making stand got busted, another coyote barked warnings for about ten minutes. I had my digital camera with me so I recorded him yellin’ at me, it was amazing! I was hidden enough that he didnt know what I was and he was right on top of me barking.
      Maybe an hour later I called in the dog in the picture and put her to rest at possibly 5o yards. I was sitting in a little mesquite bush and she came up from behind it, not able to see me she just kept staring at the bush. When she moved again and put her head down I drew and put it on the mark, she stopped and at the staring competition I let her rest.
      One shot from a .223 WSSM soft tip put her right down.
      After that I called a little more to no avail and decided to hunt my trademark, jackrabbits!

      I scored on three Jacks with the walk home and they are also pictured at the above link.

      That little 223 mag didnt tear up the skin at all, one nice hole was it. Should be able to get some nice pelts this winter. Cant say the same for the Jacks.
      John Petrello III aka
      JACKRABBIT JOHN, the only Jackrabbit that hunts coyotes!

    5. John Martin Says:

      My first called in predator was a fox at 18 yards. He popped up there 5 minutes after I set up to call. His den must have been right below me on the open hillside. Took me by surprise to see him so close, all of a sudden. Goes to show you be ready for all possibilities…

    6. Gavin Says:

      great site! theres some good info here. Im pretty new to predator hunting but im not easily discouraged, so ive been having some close calls(no kills yet). first coyote a called in was a few weeks ago. 5 yards away!! sucker popped right out behing me. he bolted when i brought my gun up but i called him right back in, he popped back out of the brush and i took a crack at him. all i could see was his head. Blew fur off but he bolted. forgot to aim a bit low with the savage 223. oh well next time.

      Can’t believe how good calling works for bringing bears in!! called 2 in the last two weeks. Second time the crows were going nuts. will for sure be using calls this year for bear season

      - Southwest Washington hunter, Gavin - Savage 223 M10

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