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    2007 August - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

    Archive for August, 2007

    Gizmo’s, Gadgets & Whatnots

    Do they work?   I would say most probably do not. Take Scent-Lok clothing for example, supposedly impregnated with charcoal to absorb your scent.  If it can cover your scent I wonder why the drug runners coming across our southern border aren’t wrapping their drugs with it.  Well if you have ever seen a drug dog or bomb dog work you would realize that canines can smell through this stuff.  If a domestic dog can smell through it what are the chances that a coyote can.  Honed by generations of survival dependent upon his sense of smell.  Cover scents also fall into this catagory.  The only scent that I use is that of a lure and I use it in conjunction with a decoy.  If I’m using my Jack-In-The-Box, Turkey Feathers, Rabbit Hide or whatever I’ll spray a little, very little, rabbit urine around the decoy.  When Wiley Coyote comes into the call he will see the decoy moving, smell the urine and hear the FoxPro all at about 30 to 50 yards from my position.  His eyes, nose, and ears are now telling him “food”.  I think it more important to pay attention to the wind then pay $200 for clothing and cover scents.  I truly believe most hunting products on today’s market are designed and marketed with your wallet in the crosshairs and not the animals we are hunting. 

    Posted on 20th August 2007
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