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    2008 May - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

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    Ninety-two and Counting

    I awoke to the sounds of helicopter blades whirling and men shouting out commands.  I immediately reached for my AR and flak jacket, but they were not within reach, they are always beside my bedroll, why not now?  Then I realized, hey I’m not in some far away land but here in Arizona.  The helicopters and the men however were real.   The Border Patrol had begun a sweep of the moutain side that we live on.  The hillside was aglow from the spotlights on the copters and we could see illegals and BP Agents all over the mountain.  From our vantage point on the back patio it looked like someone had kicked an anthill.   Don’t know how many they ended up with, but we heard one Agent call out “Nine-two and counting.”   With all three Presidential canidates willing and anxious to grant amnesty our borders are being assualted like never before.   So folks when you hear our political hacks say “we have the border under control”  you tell them “your a damn liar.” 

    Posted on 13th May 2008
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    Hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I posted something here.  For those that sent me e-mails and pointed out my lack of blogging I promise to try and do better in the future.  For those that make this space available to me at no cost I sincerely apologize.  This past season (I stop calling and killing coyotes in March and bobcat and fox season closes the end of March.) was an exceptionally good one for me with plenty of fur on the ground.  However, the best part of the season was that I made two new calling partners - Sarge and AZBuckeye.  Sarge and I had been out many times and we always seemed to be able to call them in - just never able to put them on the ground.  Either he or I would not see them soon enough or they never presented themselves for a decent shot.  That finally ended on our next to the last calling session.  I set the Scorpian (gofoxpro.com) out about 30 yards in  front of us and started with the jackrabbit in distress.  About 5 minutes into the call I heard a shot and then saw a coyote do a nose dive into the dirt.  Although he was dead he obviously didn’t know it as he got up and ran about another 40 or so yards.  The other highlight of the season was with AZBuckeye.  He and I didn’t get out near as much as Sarge and I did - but - I had the privilege of calling in his first ever coyote.  As a matter of fact three came into that stand.  And yes he did shoot and yes he did kill it, not only his first Arizona coyote but in fact his first ever coyote.  I also learned that when we go out again I had better be on the ball, as his young eyes and quick reflex are a lot better then these old eyes. 

    Posted on 5th May 2008
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