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    Ninety-two and Counting - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

    Ninety-two and Counting

    I awoke to the sounds of helicopter blades whirling and men shouting out commands.  I immediately reached for my AR and flak jacket, but they were not within reach, they are always beside my bedroll, why not now?  Then I realized, hey I’m not in some far away land but here in Arizona.  The helicopters and the men however were real.   The Border Patrol had begun a sweep of the moutain side that we live on.  The hillside was aglow from the spotlights on the copters and we could see illegals and BP Agents all over the mountain.  From our vantage point on the back patio it looked like someone had kicked an anthill.   Don’t know how many they ended up with, but we heard one Agent call out “Nine-two and counting.”   With all three Presidential canidates willing and anxious to grant amnesty our borders are being assualted like never before.   So folks when you hear our political hacks say “we have the border under control”  you tell them “your a damn liar.” 

    2 Responses to “Ninety-two and Counting”

    1. BA Says:

      To anyone interested in taking action to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, email bay@teamamericapac.org and request info on what they are doing. They research and support only political candidates with the first priority of stopping ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and Closing the Border. This organization was started by Tom Tancredo and is now being run by Bay Buchanan. They are having a good degree of success but much work remains to be done. I just made a donation to help stop the nonsense. It’s the only organization I know of firsthand that is dedicated to stopping ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND THE OPEN BORDER situation. BA

    2. Desert Rat Says:

      I’ve been on John’s hillside and seen the lay-ups and garbage with my own eyes. I really believe that there is no way that someone in Maine, Iowa, Oregon or Washington,DC can comprehend how bad things are on the southern border, until they see it with their own eyes.

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