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    2007 April - Coyote John - Predator Hunting

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    Coffee with Wily

    While sitting out on the patio this morning enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee who should show up but Mr. Wily, once he realized he had company it’s down the driveway and out the gate. He is heading over to visit the neighbors, they raise chickens and ducks. To get back to the story. Before civilization took over our peaceful mountainside we had a family of coyotes who denned out in our front field every spring and used our little valley to raise their family. My wife and I would sit out on the front porch with 20×50 binoculars and 35x spotting scope and watch them for hours at a time. I learned more from watching them that I ever could from reading and watching DVD’s. I even learned a few howls and late at night we would sit outside and have a lengthy conversation going. Now instead of a nice little valley with a dry wash for pups to play in and learn how to mouse we have three ugly houses with a fourth going up as I type this. Whether this guy who showed up this morning is a direct family member of the pair my wife and I use to watch I can’t say, but I like to think that he is.

    Posted on 30th April 2007
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    Welcome to Coyote John’s first ever blog.  Hopefully I’ll be able to entice you all to come back often and to add your own comments.  As my screen name indicates most of my blogs will be about coyote calling, but will also include all predators.  I have been calling predators for well over 50 years and enjoy it as much today as the day I started.  I have called dingo in Australia, fox in Europe, wolf in Alaska, Cats, (big & small) in Africa and of course coyotes in almost every state of this great country.  I am now privilage to live in one of the best predator hunting states in the USA, Arizona.  We have an abundance of predators and a very liberal season.  Coyotes can be hunted all year and there is no bag limit.   I don’t normally hunt them from about Feb through the end of Aug so as to give them time to breed and raise a litter.  More targets for the fall and winter months.   Although I have done some depredation work in the spring and summer months it is not something I look forward to. 

    Hopefully in the coming weeks I will be adding some blogs on hand calls and electronic calls, rifle and caliber choice, stand selection and a host of other subjects.  I look forward to having your thoughts and ideas presented through this blog and welcome to the fastest growing hunting sport in America. 

    Posted on 26th April 2007
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