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    Cunningham’s Shooting Range Set to Open

    I’m very excited at the prospect of having a shooting range 5 minutes away from my house! Cunningham’s Shooting Range is set to open July 3rd, and am excited to get in there and get some rounds down range. I have spoken with Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham and I can tell you that they have some awesome plans for the range. Of course, lots of shooting! Activities focused on new shooters, youth and ladies. Classes of various types, for brand-new shooters and experienced people too. The Cunninghams will have sales and rentals of both firearms and accessories. They are reaching out to the community in providing local law enforcement a place to shoot (currently they usually travel to the west valley), and they are also planning to have a section of their facility dedicated to Boy Scout fund-raising activities. They will have a variety of membership options available - you can learn more here: MEMBERSHIPS

    I was lucky in that the Cunningham’s gave me a sneak preview of their range a couple of weeks ago. Chris is an extremely knowledgeable gent, and it is plain to see he is excited, sincere and confident about this venture. There are no holds barred at this range - it is state of the art. Several thousand pounds of special rubber cubes replace the angled plate and sand catches that some us may remember. This material, combined with a highly efficient cooling and ventilation system ensure that there is no lead dust in the air inside of the building. There is a small viewing area for visitors and guests, with lots of lanes and a target retrieval system.

    The Grand Opening is scheduled for this Saturday, the 3rd of July, info below:

    Saturday, July 3rd from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., come hang out with our special guest, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) the man behind the mask, and members of the 501st legion Dune Sea Garrison stormtroopers.

    Come join the fun! There will be raffles, refreshments, and prizes, with proceeds from raffle to benefit the Queen Creek Crime Prevention Posse. Don’t miss your chance to hang out with Chewie!

    The Cunninghams report that the Town of Queen Creek has been very supportive in their efforts. I hope that we can all support the Cunninghams as well, and make their endeavor a huge success. Please, if you can’t make the Grand Opening, make it a point to visit their range in the near future. Also, I hope to have lots of things going on with the Range, moving in to the future, so stay tuned for more!

    18395 S. 186th Way #106
    Queen Creek, AZ 85142
    phone: 480-840-9202

    Hours of Operation

    Monday: 9am-8pm
    Tuesday: 9am-8pm
    Wednesday: 9am-8pm
    Thursday: 9am-8pm
    Friday: 9am-8pm
    Saturday: 9am-8pm
    Sunday: 10am-5pm

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