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    Wildlife group threatens suit against feds to protect jaguar - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    Wildlife group threatens suit against feds to protect jaguar

    “Wildlife group threatens suit against feds to protect jaguar”. Of course they do. Because they’re all about the lawsuits. They’re all about their politics. They’re all about preservation (denial). Funny they’re not trying to sue anybody over the tons of trash being left along the southern border. Or the roads and trails being carved into the southern desert. I’m sure they will oppose completion of the fence as well. Hypocrisy at best.

    Read the full article here: LAWSUIT.

    A wildlife group is gearing up for a fight to force the federal government to better protect jaguars, although the big cats have virtually disappeared from the country.

    The Center for Biological Diversity wants the Wildlife Services division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture to stop the trapping, snaring and poisoning of nuisance predators that could result in the killing or endangering of jaguars and ocelots in the Southwest. Spokesman Michael Robinson said the group is concerned about anti-predator efforts in Arizona, New Mexico and possibly Texas.

    “They’re not targeting jaguars, but if they’re setting up a snare for a mountain lion, there’s a chance a jaguar could end up in that snare,” he said.

    A lawsuit could come as soon as mid-July. At the end of April, the conservation group gave the government 60 days’ notice of its intent to sue. William Clay, Wildlife Services’ deputy administrator, replied on May 14, saying Wildlife Services had “reviewed your comments and will take them into consideration.”

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