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    Mr. Whiskers is heading to urban lakes

    Mr. Whiskers is heading to urban lakes

    A sure sign spring is peeking around the corner

    PHOENIX – Get your trusty fishing poles ready because truckloads of Mr. Whiskers will be heading to the urban lakes in the Valley of the Sun and Tucson starting on Thursday, March 19.

    This annual first stocking of feisty 15- to 20-inch channel catfish in the Urban Program lakes is a sure sign that spring is peeking around the corner. Throughout the spring stocking period there will be 14,000 pounds of channel catfish from Arkansas stocked into our popular urban lakes at two-week intervals.

    “When we switch to stocking catfish instead of trout each spring, this is one of only two times each year when we announce the exact day of fish stockings to the general public and not just the week,” says Urban Fishing Program Manger Eric Swanson. “The other time will be when we switch back to trout in late fall.”

    The usual baits such as worms, stink baits, and shrimp should work well for catching “Mr. Whiskers.” Daily limits are four catfish per person at urban lakes or two catfish per person at urban ponds (note regulations and park signage for lake and pond designations).

    An urban fishing license is required to fish urban program lakes and costs $18.50 for residents and nonresidents. However, there is also a superb bargain for those who like to fish just about everything and everywhere in the state. The Super Conservation Fishing License is just $53 for residents and $63 for nonresidents and allows anglers to fish at all urban waters and state waters as well.

    “During these tough economic times, the Super Conservation license, which includes trout fishing privileges, makes a lot of sense for anglers,” Swanson said.

    For more information on the Urban Fishing Program, including the location of the participating lakes in the state, visit www.azgfd.gov/fishing and click on the “urban fishing program” link.

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