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    NWTF Exec Suddenly Steps Down

    Dual credits for this. I received it via the Outdoor Wire as well as through Grand View Media, with the Grand View release arriving just ahead of the Outdoor Wire one.

    From the Southern Sporting Journal. a la Grand View Media e-mail:

    From Southern Sporting Journal editor in chief Doug Howlett

    NWTF Chief Rob Keck Calls It Quits!
    - A Southern Sporting Journal Exclusive

    The National Wild Turkey Federation’s CEO turns in his resignation in conjunction with firings of some high level members (Photo courtesy of NWTF).

    Wow, talk about a quick departure. Last week, National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) CEO Rob Keck was smoozing at the Alabama Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt, and this week he announced his resignation from the group. Though we’re still sorting out the details, ear hears that a couple of NWTF honchos were fired and Keck then headed off for greener pastures. When we know, you’ll know.

    Talk about an earthshaking event — Keck was the living embodiment of the NWTF and had huge stroke with most of the major manufacturers, DNR folk and politicians who are involved in the outdoor world. Though an NWTF big shot, Keck still liked to rub shoulders with the turkey-hunting crowd and he never met an audience he wasn’t willing to give a speech to.

    Apparently Keck, who’s been at the helm of the NWTF for the last couple of decades, threw himself on the funeral pyre of the two guys who were dismissed by the board. That action came on the heels of a fact-finding mission instigated by the board to delve into business practices in the Edgefield, S.C. home office.

    Stay tuned. Southern Sporting Journal will bring you every detail of this breaking news event in a “You Read It Here First” exclusive.

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