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    Cabela’s Late?

    Lots and lots of gossip around the net about Cabela’s and their TAGS service. Seems that the applications sent in by Cabela’s for the Arizona elk and antelope draw, on behalf of their clients, didn’t make the draw deadline. I heard UPS messed up, but I also heard that Cabela’s just plain messed up. Neither version has been confirmed.

    We’ll keep an eye on this. There’s gonna be some hot hunters, if this is true….

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    3 Responses to “Cabela’s Late?”

    1. Desert Rat Says:

      Got this from AZGFD today:

      March 12, 2008
      A public meeting of the Arizona Game and Fish Commission will be held on March 14, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. as authorized by A.R.S. § 17-201(D). Members of the Commission will attend either in person or by telephone conference call. The Commission will discuss and may vote to take action on the following matters:
      March 14, 2008, Arizona Game and Fish Commission at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Headquarters, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix Arizona 85086.
      Meeting begins at 11:30 a.m.
      1. Presenter: Harry Seck, Assistant Director, Special Services, Request by Cabela’s T.A.G.S. for a Hearing to Extend the 2008 Antelope and Elk Draw Deadline. Cabela’s T.A.G.S. is requesting a hearing before the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to request the 2008 Antelope and Elk draw deadline be extended to consider all applications received by the Commission, to date, where there is proof of mailing on or before February 11, 2008, or proof that the applications were sent via courier service guaranteeing delivery February 12, 2008 before 7:00 P.M. The Commission will vote to accept or deny Cabela’s T.A.G.S petition, which may require the Commission to change the hunt application deadline for the 2008 antelope and elk draw.
      2. Call to the Public. Those persons wishing to speak should complete a speaker’s card and present it to the host. Unless prior approval has been granted by the Chairman, comments will be limited to no more than three minutes. No discussion or action will be taken by the Commission. Any items requiring further discussion or action will be included on a future Commission meeting agenda.
      * * * * *
      Background materials provided to Commission members concerning public agenda items are available for public inspection at the main office of the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 5000 W. Carefree Highway Phoenix Arizona 85086, at Department regional offices in Pinetop, Flagstaff, Kingman, Yuma, Tucson, Mesa and at the meetings.
      Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, or this document in an alternative format, by contacting the AGFD Deputy Director, 5000 W. Carefree Highway ,Phoenix Arizona 85086 602-942-3000. Requests should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange the accommodation.
      March 2008 1 Commission Agenda

      This is BS. They wouldn’t make an exception for you or I, regardless.

    2. Desert Rat Says:

      Someone received this response today:

      March 13, 2008

      Dear Sir;

      Thank you for your recent correspondence.

      A lot of misinformation and rumors are going around about Cabela’s T.A.G.S. program and late Arizona elk and antelope hunting applications. We are currently working through a well-defined administrative process with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, a process open to any hunting license applicant or any other customer of the game and fish department.

      Despite rumors you may have heard or read, Cabela’s has never implied, discussed or threatened any lawsuit against the State of Arizona or the Arizona Fish and Game Department. We absolutely do not intend to pursue a lawsuit against the department no matter their decision. Cabela’s considers the Arizona Fish and Game Department, and all state fish and game departments, partners and co-supporters of all the outdoor sports we all hold dear.

      We are simply representing hunters, who through no fault of their own, stand to miss out on a chance to participate in the Arizona draw. And, further to that point, we are asking not only on behalf of T.A.G.S. customers, but on behalf of all men, women and youth hunters whose applications may have been similarly delayed by unforeseen circumstances as permitted by Arizona statute. These hunters are not just customers of Cabela’s, but customers of Arizona Fish and Game Department. We believe their case should be heard.

      With full faith in the administrative process, Cabela’s will abide by and respect the decision of the Arizona Wildlife Commission and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

      Thank you for contacting us and I hope this helps clarify the matter.

    3. Desert Rat Says:

      Commission denies request to extend 2008 antelope, elk application deadline

      News Media
      Mar 14, 2008

      The Arizona Game and Fish Commission today unanimously voted to deny a request by a national outdoor equipment retail company that would have extended the 2008 pronghorn antelope and elk draw deadline.

      Cabela’s petition to the commission was a result of the Arizona Game and Fish Department receiving elk and antelope applications after the established deadline that were submitted by the company’s tag application service on behalf of 568 hunters.

      According to the petition, Cabela’s sent to the department three packages through a private courier from Nebraska on Feb. 11, 2008. The packages didn’t arrive at the department location until after the posted deadline time of 7 p.m. on Feb. 12, 2008.

      The commission agreed to the hearing in accordance with Commission Rule R12-4-611 that allows for petitions to be heard by the commission when no other administrative remedy exists.

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