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    What is Arizona’s toughest game to hunt? - Desert Rat - The Premier Hunting and Fishing Blog of the Southwest!

    What is Arizona’s toughest game to hunt?

    Well, you all know my record when it comes to hunting. Most of your kids have done better than me. That being said, I’m curious as to what some of you think to be our hardest animal to hunt. What about the most fun?

    I’ve never hunted sheep, nor buffalo, nor antelope - so I have no opinion of them, yet. Same with turkeys.

    At least I have seen Coues deer, and seen mulies. I gotta admit, I am getting more and more intrigued with really hunting (with gusto!) those big desert mule deer. Coues hunting is very enjoyable too.

    I’ve only been elk hunting once. That day was an anomaly, so I’m reserving judgement on elk hunting, for now.

    I don’t do a lot of small game hunting, but I think I will be doing more with my 10-yr old daughter. She’s pretty stoked. Quail hunting is enjoyable, as is dove hunting. I haven’t hunted cranes or ducks yet.

    Next to desert mulies, I think I most intrigued and excited about getting into predator hunting. I have dabbled at it, but am looking to pros like Cgmartin and Chief to show me the ropes. I am really psyched about that!

    Most of you know that javelina are my nemesis. I’ve lost count of how many empty tags I’ve had. I dunno, 4 or 5 at least. I saw one on my first ever day afield. Missed a shot on another a week or two later. Other than that, it has been pure “bust”. Seen a few here and there - enough to keep me interested, but not so many to have some good stories to tell. I’ve reached a comfortable “truce” with pig hunting. I enjoy it, but for me its mostly an excuse to go out and prowl around the desert. I’ve told people where to find them, and they have. I’ve been told where to find them - and don’t. Guys like DesertBull, rk, and bowhuntingmaniac have all but tied them to a stump for me! I don’t get upset anymore, when I come home empty-handed. I figure that I’ll get one when I get one. Gonna make some jalapeno and cheese summer sausage, along with some chorizo with the meat. I’ll get my friend Greg to mount it for me, and then maybe I’ll be done. Or, maybe then I’ll have the bug - bad..

    So what is your favorite creature to hunt, and why? Do you have a nemesis - a critter that you just can’t seem to hang a tag on?

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    5 Responses to “What is Arizona’s toughest game to hunt?”

    1. tom Says:

      Blind folded rattlesnake hunting.

    2. Bob & Beth Says:

      is it the snake who is blind-folded…..or the hunter? sorry…couldn’t resist! :)


    3. Arthur Says:

      I tell ya. Don’t underestimate the turkey. Those things are pretty hard to hunt. I have been trying the last couple of years and I’m still birdless.

      My nemesis would be a mature buck!

    4. foremleader Says:

      “HARD” has to include getting a tag, so I say hunting a trophy mule deer (anywhere they can be found) is the “HARDEST”. And, it’s almost as exciting as blind-folded rattlesnake hunting. It’s the finding that’s the trick.

      Mule Deer Fanatic

    5. Tom Sorenson Says:

      As for my favorite animal to hunt, hands down elk. The majesty of the elk - the way they seem to act like they own the woods - is just awesome! Then they go and let out that ear piercing bugle and I can’t think of a sweeter sound in all of nature. Some people think elk are easy to hunt - I call them crazy. To hunt public land elk is difficult - a mature bull doesn’t usually just come on a trot at any ol’ call - Besides that, many of the places elk inhabit are not easy places to get into - or out of. But, I reckon a bull with a bow is easier to get than a big mulie with a bow - so elk are out of the running for hardest as much as I hate to admit it! I’ve never had the opportunity - but I’m guessing a grizzly bear would be a tough animal to hunt with a bow. Just the elements of having to hunt up North where the weather could be less than ideal - or downright nasty - and the mental aspect of getting within bow range of a highly dangerous critter…and doing so in thick brush country where the bears live and you just might not see a bear till it’s on top of you…Sure - I’ll vote for bowhunting grizzlies.

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