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    A Fantastic Charity

    I have a soft spot for our servicemen and women. I stumbled across this charitable organization that is just getting off of the ground. Camp Patriot is an organization that is taking on a huge endeavor - they are building a lodge in Montana that will accommodate veterans that have suffered life-altering injuries during their service to the country. I have taken a personal interest in the Clark’s cause, and have offered to donate my services assisting with writing and editing tasks. I’m also going to hit up Steve and the entire Skinny Moose Network to help out where they can.

    Here is their Mission Statement:

    Mission Statement
    Camp Patriot exists to take disabled U.S. Veterans on outdoor adventures.

    Today, there are over 2.3 million disabled Veterans in the U.S. These brave Veterans sacrificed much in order to ensure our safety and freedom. The number of disabled men and women Veterans is growing with each day the war on terror continues. All of these Veterans had dreams about the future, but many of those dreams were lost due to injuries suffered in the line of duty.

    Outdoor activities that they hoped to do in the future have vanished due to their disability. We want to thank these veterans by showing them that with the right help they can again enjoy the great outdoors.

    With the construction of a first-class lodge outside of Libby, MT, we will be able to accommodate up to 20 Veterans per week. There will be no cost to the Veteran. We will provide a range of outdoor activities, and will be equipped to accommodate Veterans with an array of disabilities.

    A message from their founder, Micah Clark:

    Founder’s Message
    Dear Friend, Veteran, American Patriot, we are attempting to provide a great gift for those Veterans among us that have paid a tremendous price for our freedom.
    These disabled American Veterans have provided us protection from terrorism, oppression and tyranny. Consider for a moment the world outside these United States and you will understand what I mean!

    How can we ever repay an American Veteran who has endured so much personal loss while defending our great Nation? Sadly, the answer may simply be that we will never completely be able to repay the Veterans that have sacrificed so much.

    However, we can say, “Thank You for Your Service!”

    We are Camp Patriot and we need your help in saying “Thank You” to the millions of disabled American Veterans.

    Camp Patriot is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Corporation. We will be bringing disable American Veterans to the great State of Montana for outdoor adventures of their choosing. However, outdoor adventures are just some of the activities we provide disabled U.S. Military Veterans at Camp Patriot.

    A simple monetary “Thank you for your service!” could help us go a long way, and bring us closer as a nation in repaying these great Patriots for their service and sacrifice.


    Micah Clark
    Executive Director / Founder

    Here is their contact info:

    Contact Info
    Phone Numbers:
    Mobile: (509) 392-1015
    Office: (406) 293-4376 HERO

    E-mail: inquiry@camppatriot.org

    Office Address:
    417 Mineral Ave, Suite 7C
    Libby MT 59923

    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 627
    Libby MT 59923

    They are also running a raffle to help raise money for their group. For twenty bucks, you could win a log home, a hunt with Jim Shockey, or one of several great prizes.

    C’mon fellow bloggers, let’s spread the word!

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    3 Responses to “A Fantastic Charity”

    1. Kristine Shreve Says:

      This sounds like a very cool thing. I will definitely help spread the word. If nothing else, this would make a great Write About the Good post.

      I’ll get that done.

    2. Arthur Says:

      Very, very nice post and story. This sounds awesome.

      I too have a soft spot for servicemen and women. We owe everything to them.

    3. Desert Rat » Hunting 2010-03-02 17:01:23 | phoenix.rssible.com Says:

      [...] A Fantastic Charity [...]

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