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    Fox hunting ban not helping

    Imagine that. Even the Brits get it. A ban on fox-hunting has simply provided more opportunities to run them over with your car, it seems….

    From Terrierman’s Blog

    Say what you want about Professor Stephen Harris of Bristol University, author of The Mammal Society’s little 24-page monograph on the Red Fox (1994), but the man is at least brave enough to look at the data and state the obvious, which is that the ban on fox hunting with dogs in the U.K. has been a shambles and has not improved the lifespan of fox one iota.

    And why has it not worked? Simple: Because, as Rudyard Kipling observed, the true “blood sport” of England is not chasing fox, but driving too fast on the narrow roads. The thing that kills the most fox in the UK is the automobile, followed by disease and starvation.

    And why should this be a surprise? The same was true before the “ban” on hunting fox. Fox are at biological capacity in the U.K.

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    2 Responses to “Fox hunting ban not helping”

    1. Kristine Shreve Says:

      Once again we see evidence that banning hunting effects a animal population in a negative way. You’d think people would eventually start to get the hint.

    2. Arthur Says:

      Well said Kristine. This happens everywhere. Ban hunting on a particular species and the welfare of that particular species declines. Happens all the time!