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    Trophy Blend Scents

    I have been having some conversations with Mark Mason, owner of Trophy Blend Scents. Mark over at Trophy Blend understands that we don’t want bottles of pee leaking in our back packs. He gets that we don’t like paying good money for “hot moose juice” and then spilling it all, because the container is not user friendly. He gets Western Hunting, and provides cover scents in sage, juniper, and earth.

    His scent sticks are practical to use, and come in a variety of “flavors” which can be used in a variety of ways.

    Trophy Blend has the patented Scent Stick design which are compact all-in-one cover scents and lures that don’t spill, shatter, or transmit disease. Its wide variety of scents stay fresh for years! Many uses include:

    Attractant or Wick - Apply to local brush, place on rock, or hang 12 to 18 high with cap off.

    Active Rub - Apply directly to rub site.

    Trail - Apply to brush & bushes or use cap to leave thin shavings along the trail.

    Cover Scent - Sage, pine, and other non-animal scents may be applied directly to clothing as cover.

    I’m hoping to get in some Mule Deer stuff for January archery season, and maybe some earth for the same hunt, along with my javelina hunt. If I do, I’ll be sure and post a review.

    Visit their site, and take a cruise around. He has a great page set up, explaining how to use scents. Pretty informative stuff, and a great looking product!

    Mark has been very responsive as well. If you have any questions at all, drop him a line. I’m sure he will get back to you right away.

    If you have any interest at all in using food, cover, or animal scents in your method of hunting - check these guys out!

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