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    Hunt of a Lifetime

    From Terry Petko:

    Well it’s getting close to the draw and I know we are all sitting on pins and needles awaiting the results. The Hunt of a Lifetime foundation www.huntofalifetime.org is a nonprofit group dedicated to providing hunting and fishing opportunities to children with life threatening illnesses. As the Arizona ambassador for HOAL we wanted to take this opportunity to ask anyone who knows a child that might qualify for our program to contact myself, tpetko@cableaz.com, or Tina Pattison the founder of HOAL, through the website, and we’ll get them through the application process and do our best to get them on their desired hunting or fishing trip.

    The Arizona group works totally on donations of time and services to provide quality hunts for these children. I know several of you on this site had the pleasure of participating in the program last year and can attest to the value this program has to offer both the kids and the folks involved in giving them their outdoor wishes.More of you have already offered to help out this year and we are always looking for volunteers to guide,process meat, provide taxidermy,donate frequent flyer miles,hotel rooms, food, and anything else that goes into a hunting trip. If you would like to help the program, in any way, please contact me at the e-mail address above and we’ll get you on the list.

    Last but not least, the key to last years success (We sent seven kids out on 8 hunts here in AZ) was the new compassionate transfer provision in the Arizona Game and Fish regulations. If you draw a tag and for some reason cannot go on your hunt this provision allows you to donate the tag to a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, like HOAL, for use by a minor child with a life threatening illness.

    While we are all anticipating and planning our fall hunts please keep this program in mind and help spread the word to those that might not yet be aware of it.

    Thanks and have a great season…. Terry Petko

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