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The Pink Arrow Project

Maybe I am in the dark but I just heard of this effort to defeat cancer from Mary Hale.
Mary is a representative for Ben Pearson Archery and, I met her in 2005 in Las Vegas at the archery tournament.
Mary brought Ben Pearson Archery to the Bowhunter Happening in 2006. There I got to know Mary for exactly who she is. She is the type of person that fits the phrase, “what you see is what you get”.
At that time, I learned of her fight and conquer of cancer and how she is making the most of her life.
Today, she explained The Pink Arrow Project to me and I told her to send me 1 dozen shafts. From what I see, alot of target archers have gotten on board, along with manufacturers. But, I feel we can go another step and include all of the bowhunters.
As I told her, I would be proud to put a pink arrow in my quiver.
Because Cancer knows no boundaries, I am sure that everyone that reads this knows at least 1 person that had to fight cancer.

This is the email that Mary sent me explaining the project;

This idea came about several months ago at an International Bowhunting Organization National Triple Crown in Erie, PA where for the first time my wife of 27 years came with me to help set the Victory booth. She is a nurse that has worked with cancer patients and thought a pink arrow would be a great idea.

Several people came by the booth and ask how they could get some and my wife told them Victory will offer them around October since October is breast cancer awareness month. I have received several hundred calls since then asking how they could help. Well it’s October and we are ready to launch this project.

I have talked to Brent Hail from the National Breast Cancer Organization and ask him how we can help and we decided to donate a large portion of our profits to this project. Anybody can help in this project even if you don’t shoot a bow. I am sure somebody you know would love to have a pink arrow in there quivers or to hang on the wall to show they supported the project!

I have assigned Mary Hale to lead the fight. Mary is known by most of the archery world as an ambassador in the archery industry. Mary is also a cancer survivor and was honored to lead the fight. She told me this completed her! Mary will be shooting again this year, shooting to destroy cancer.
You can contact her at 608-449-4306 E-mail sig-pink-arrow-1.doc

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  1. deerPhD said,

    Wow…I was unaware as well! Thanks for sharing…sounds like an awesome project!

  2. Marc said,

    This is a wonderful idea. I have a few family members and friends who have/had cancer and you can never show your support enough. I hope this project turns out to be a very successful one.

  3. Bart Lawhorn said,

    Wife of Bart Lawhorn; not Mary Hale:)
    Bart is the General Manager of Victory Archery.

  4. Bart Lawhorn said,

    The Pink Arrow Project is dear to my heart and we will continue the project in 2009. Make sure you get one in your quiver and help us support thisgreat cause!

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