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OK, here he is……….

I finally got a photo of my buck sent to me. I was dependent on friends to send me a photo and they finally got them to me.
The photo isn’t the best because it took 5 days to find the buck, but as you can see I was very happy that I finally got my hands on him.
From the conversations we have had, there are a lot bigger bucks than this roaming the area. It is hard to see in the photo but, this buck is unique in his points as, his G3 forks near the top.
I bought 5 tags in total, including doe tags, and came home with 4 deer. North Dakota is amazing in numbers of animals, not just deer, but also ducks, geese, pheasant, and grouse.

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  1. deerPhD said,

    Congratulations on a very fine buck! I bet it felt so great to find him! Thanks for sharing the story and the pic! I think I can see the fork on his one point…it’s on the deer’s right side (out left)???

  2. Phillip said,

    That’s a really cool looking rack!

    Glad you were able to come out with something after all the effort.

  3. darrell said,

    Beutiful deer! Congrats

  4. Congrats on the buck. The antlers look very dark? is is it just the lighting?

  5. John Tracker said,

    thats it?

  6. John Tracker said,

    this deer sucks dude…i cant believe u posted this crap!

  7. Marc said,

    That is an awesome buck, congrats on filling your tags, I’m still working on filling mine, I have 6 for CT and 4 for NY and a big fat 0 so far when it comes to filled tags. I’m hoping to change that this weekend.

  8. Jeff said,

    Glad you found your deer! Hopefully you will post some of your latest hunts soon…

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