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To become an Arizona Hunting Today member, please fill out the form below. Some of the benefits as a member are:

- Custom Arizona Hunting Today Hunt Club card

- Discounts at participating sporting goods retail stores, suppliers, guides and outfitters. (Coming Soon!)
- Continued free access to stories, photos, tips etc
- Newsletter (Coming Soon!)
- Discount Coupons on Outdoor Gear that come to us for the Outpost

Fill out the form as accurately as you can. If anything changes after you receive your card, all you have to do is re-submit your information at this page. Check the box that says you are updating membership information and PLEASE fill out the form in its entirety, as you would like your new card to appear.

If you provide us with info on the game you have bagged, we will print that on your ID Card. Space is limited so please prioritize the information you would like included.

We do not verify but if you would like to include Boone & Crockett Info etc. we will gladly print that for you too.

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This is optional for you. If you would like information about the game you have bagged, i.e. biggest buck, elk, bear, etc., we will include that information. If you provide us with verification of any official status of other big buck clubs, Boone and Crockett points, etc., we will include that on your card.


Please let us know of any other game you have been successful at bagging that you would like included on your membership card.

Before hitting the submit button make sure your information is correct. If this is a request to have your member card updated, make sure you include ALL the information you want on your new card.

Arizona Hunting Today - Privacy Statement

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